hey, girl

Welcome to Girl Talk Radio - the first streaming service for podcasting and multimedia content created by women and girls from all corners of the world.


Women's voices make up only a fraction of mainstream content. From podcasting to documentaries, stories are almost exclusively told from the perspectives of men. This masculine narrative feeds into stereotypes, reinforces the status quo and isolates the feminine perspective. We think this is bullshit, so we built Girl Talk Radio.


Here, you can tune in to podcasts and multimedia content created by women of different ages, races, cultures, backgrounds, beliefs, experiences and identities globally. Right now, this includes women podcasters from 11 countries on four continents!


Our goal is to amplify the voices of women and girls. To create a drumbeat of dialog driven exclusively by women (cis, trans and gnc). We do that by passing the mic - literally.

Your voice matters. Your stories matter. Now's the time to pick up the mic - we're finally listening.

This is an official, open invitation to women creators of the world - we'd love to showcase your work. To join us, please fill out our quick submission form.

Any questions can be sent to hello@girltalkradio.co.