Just A Girl LLC Media Release Agreement

I, the undersigned, hereby, states and agrees as follows:


Just A Girl LLC and its subsidiaries have my permission to include audio content, transcripts and multimedia depictions of audio and/or multimedia content of me and/or my work in print, broadcast and/or computer-based materials designed to be used in Just A Girl LLC and its subsidiaries publications.


I understand that the content may be distributed in a variety of settings, such as reports, presentations, and newsletters. Content may also be included on Just A Girl LLC’s website, applications and social media channels and, as such, be available to the general public. (Note that materials contained on the website are subject to U.S. copyright law: Title 17, United States Code.)


No detailed identifying personal information (i.e., full name, address) will accompany the content without my prior written consent.


I will indemnify, save and hold harmless Just A Girl LLC, its employees and agents against any and all claims, damages, liability and court awards including costs, expenses and attorney fees incurred as a result of any reliance by them on any statements or actions by me regarding the terms if this statement or as a result of including the submitted materials as a part of Just A Girl LLC. No compensation has been received by me in exchange for giving my permission to use these materials.